Concept art and Story Ideas

My Ideas and concepts

I started painting concept art this year and I'm really enjoying it a lot. This painting is called travelers.
Doorway is a new graphic novel I'm working on. Here is a poster concept I designed for the story.
Concept art of the ship the United States uses to travel through space time.
Concept of one of the worlds they invade.
This is a new game Idea I'm working on called Space Pirate.

Space Pirate is a firstshooter game and a third person game. It takes place in space in an area ofdense stars located in Milky Way galaxy. The player comes from a long linepirates that have stolen technology from other races. You the player is transitioning into manhood,and your family’s traditions are past onto you. Their traditions date backthousands of years, which happen to be pirating. The player is given a basicship, gear, weapons and star maps. At that point you are given the option todesign your character, your ship, and asked to pick character stats. The playerwill also have the ability to pick a path for technology use. The player’s goalis to acquire new technology to upgrade their ship, character and weapons. Thenafter all this has been decided you will be let go to accept missions, or freeroam. Missions will lead you to places, ships or individuals that will help youlevel up all parts. Free roam will also do the same. The player will have manyoptions to acquire technology by taking ships, and bases. There is also aneconomy for trading, selling and buying.

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