Game Design

This Project will consist of game concept projects I'm working on. I will not share all aspects of each game concept I'm working on but enough for the viewer to know what the game is about. So for I have two working prototypes and another one on it's way. All are covered under the artistic copyright law. Currently looking for funding for the board game. For any reason someone would like to purchase the rights and assets to own that is an option also.

Brains is a unique four player board game or 6 player card deck game. You can play either way. First time ever you have 2 games in one.  Another unique feature about this board game is, it will have expansion packs. The player can buy new boards and new cards for the game. This keeps the players coming back.
The game is pretty basic, players have to collect brains either by using the cards directions, landing on a space, a live person is on, bonus cards or by steeling them from other players. There is a catch though, the town is going to be bombed at a certain time. So players have to use their brains to collect as many brains as possible before this time limit is up........................I'm also working on an App using Unity for this game.
Cutout character board pieces.
Space Pirate is a first shooter game and a third person game. It takes place in space in an area of dense stars located in Milky Way galaxy a cluster of asteroids. The player comes from a long line pirates that have stolen technology from other races.  You the player is transitioning into manhood, and your family’s traditions are past onto you. Their traditions date back thousands of years, which happen to be pirating. The player is given a basic ship, gear, weapons and star maps. At that point you are given the option to design your character, your ship, and asked to pick character stats. The player will also have the ability to pick a path for technology use. The player’s goal is to acquire new technology to upgrade their ship, character and weapons. Then after all this has been decided you will be let go to accept missions, or free roam. Missions will lead you to places, ships or individuals that will help you level up all parts. Free roam will also do the same. The player will have many options to acquire technology by taking ships, and bases. There is also an economy for trading, selling and buying.
This is but one area I designed in Maya and then exported to Unity. I created all the art assets and even in the process of writing the code for it.
One of many concept art I painted fast for Ideas. This was done in Photoshop cc.
First person character movement code I wrote.
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