ZBrush Study. Nothing here is perfect it is just for learning new tools and processes. Fast and dirty.

In this study or quest for more knowledge to speed up my workflow I created a wooden prisoner chart. My goal was to learn how to sculpt wood in ZBrush, make a good normal map and use DDO to get a good starting diffuse texture. Then create a low res version of that model that can run in a rendering engine. Plus along the way I learned there were parts on the model that could be reused. Which cut down on my time to finish the model. This was a lot of fun to make.
I believe one should push themselves to learn as much as they can every day. Never stop trying, never give up. I've been pushing myself to dig deep into ZBrush and learn Character design within the tool. I discovered this tool is a epic time saver when creating organic models. One part of this process that I really love is how easy it is to create the clothing or armor. I just want to share something I was teaching myself to be better at. It is so important to keep learning your tools that can help you be better at your trade. It just doesn't help you but it also helps your team also.
Hammer created in Zbrush. I created several alpha textures for some of the patterns and dents. Created this model in 45 minutes it is just a learning process.
Cracked and destroyed floor. Learning the process of sculpting cracks.
Cloth hanging on a wall. Learning the process of brushing in folds. 2015
Brick wall. This model was pretty easy to create,  it has 5 subtools the final version became a modular piece. The goal of this was to learn the process of creating a brick wall.
Ball chain Mace. Skull crusher. Created a tri-part brush in the process of created this model.
Propane Tank. Learning the process of masking and using extrude and other tools.
Wooded Chair. Learning the process of brushing in wood.
practicing character sculpting and rock sculpting.
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